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Brent O'Connor
created an issue

I was able to get notifications to work in slack, however it shows both successful and failed builds in slack, when I just want to show failed builds. Showing both is way too much noise on the Slack channel.

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  1. Brent O'Connor reporter


    I'm finding this a little bit annoying. Here is a screenshot of our dev channel from today. All the successful notifications are just extra noise we don't need. Is there someone I could buy a giftcard to their favorite restaurant to get this feature added soon? :)

    Slack - OEIE 2016-11-10 12-36-24.jpg

  2. Joshua Tjhin

    Hey @Brent O'Connor,

    I feel your pain and I really would like to do something about it. Unfortunately, while it's not a major change, it's not a trivial one either and therefore it's difficult for us to prioritize this this quarter among other work.

  3. Joshua Tjhin
    • changed status to open

    None so far except that you could have an intermediary service and listen to the Bitbucket web-hooks and forward them to Slack's notification API.

    I'll open this issue

  4. Benj Kamm

    I realize this isn't top of the priority list, but wanted to add another level of ask (might not be MVP).

    Even failures can be noise for us. A failure on a feature branch is probably only relevant for the specific dev working on that branch and I'd prefer not to include notifications in a team channel. A failure on an integration or master branch is relevant to the whole team.

    So the request here is configuring the app to filter notifications based on build status, or branch, or which pipeline in the configuration was run, etc.

  5. Willem Le Roux

    Has there been any movement with this? Would be very good to get this working. I completely agree with both aspects of the feature. It needs to be only failures and only certain branches.

  6. Kurt Wiersma

    If I could configure the settings so that I always receive email notifications when Pipelines fails on the master branch that would be helpful. Bonus if a special web hook was triggered.

  7. Matt Ryall staff

    We're currently working on improved Slack notifications for Bitbucket, which includes this feature. An early version is available for select customers to try out.

    If you're interested in giving it a go, please send me an email.

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