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Benj Kamm created an issue

Pull requests offer valuable insight into the bigger picture around a commit -- moving from small atomic changes to the context of related changes and how they fit together.

When viewing a commit in the BitBucket UI, please offer a link to PR(s) containing that commit. This would be helpful navigation for open PRs, but is particularly valuable for CLOSED pull requests, where a flow might look like this:

  1. Identify an issue or regression.
  2. Using git bisest or git blame, identify the commit where the issue was introduced
  3. View the commit
  4. Next logical move is to step up to the PR, but there's currently no easy way to do this.


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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    We just updated the destination of the branch link on the commit page, so you can now navigate Commit -> Branch -> PR(s). Although not perfect, we hope it helps.

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