Better caching of the docker build image

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Jemar Jones created an issue

I know that pipelines is doing some caching of docker images but it doesn't seem to be reliable. For example i ran our build once and it took a couple of minutes to download our image, i ran it a second time a few minutes later and it took 25 minutes to download the image. This is a major bottleneck especially considering the fact that there are a limited number of build minutes.

This is similar to #12818, but that is more focused on saving dependencies after the fact, whereas the bottleneck i'm describing is in downloading the docker image itself.

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  1. Joshua Tjhin Account Deactivated

    If you're interested in this feature, please comment what kind of image you use for your build image? e.g. official node image, private image built on ubuntu etc..

  2. Joshua Tjhin Account Deactivated

    In July, we started caching all public Docker images. Would love to know if you've noticed an improvement.

    Joshua Tjhin,
    Bitbucket Pipelines PM

  3. Steve Jerman


    We are using an image from our private Docker registry for our build (only way to add a setting.xml ...). It would be great if these could be cached as well (maybe explicitly .. like maven?)


  4. Michael Delle

    We use an image based off Ubuntu and it's stored in the Container Registry on the Google Cloud Platform.

  5. Dana Asbury Account Deactivated

    @xtjhin Has there been any movement on this? Are there plans to cache custom docker images from a private registry?

  6. Matt Ryall

    @danaasbury - please see my comment on #14144 for a summary of the Docker caching currently offered by Pipelines. As mentioned there, you can get caching from private registry for images used in Docker commands, but not for build/service containers.

    If you would like to have caching for images hosted privately on ECR/GCR/etc. that are used as build or service containers, please raise a new feature request for this. This specific change only covered caching public images hosted on DockerHub, because we could easily adapt the available Docker caching proxy as a shared cache for all customers.

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