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Toby Murray created an issue

In Bamboo on the main page for a plan there is a nice corner with some metadata:


At present, our build times in Pipelines are all over the place as we get used to the platform, as the platform changes, and as our builds change. To address issues like this one we'd need to be able to tell "how long is too long", which right now is a difficult question to answer. Metrics I would personally find either useful or interesting:

  • Average build time (over different periods, bonus point if it could be given on a per-branch basis)
  • Longest successful build
  • Shortest successful build
  • Average queue time (is this relevant for Pipelines? Builds seem to start much faster than Bamboo)
  • Number of builds since last failure
  • Successful build ratio

End goal is to make meaningful improvements in build time, right now it's hard to say whether we're doing that or not. On one project, for example, our successful builds vary from 19 minutes to over an hour and it's not clear what's driving that.

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  1. Matt Ryall

    Good idea, thanks for the suggestion.

    We don't have any plans to implement this in the short term, but will keep the ticket open to get more votes and feedback on this idea from customers.

  2. Matt Ryall

    Given the low interest in this issue over the last year, we don't have any plans to build this in Pipelines in the foreseeable future. We are busy working on other higher priority feature requests. I'm going to close this ticket off for now.

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