Deploy artifacts to Bitbucket Pages

Issue #13594 resolved
Carlos González
created an issue

Give Pipelines the ability to deploy artifacts to Bitbucket Pages, as Gitlab does with their pipelines services, stated in this page.

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  1. Matt Ryall staff

    Thanks for reporting this, Carlos. Can you give an example of what you want to do with Bitbucket's wiki and Pipelines?

    There are already a couple of ways to automate changes to the wiki:

    For authentication to either of the above from Pipelines, you can use Bitbucket app passwords as described in this document.

    We also have an open request for general artifact storage in Pipelines (unrelated to the wiki), which is tracked at #13114.

  2. Carlos González reporter

    Well, I was thinking more of the Gitlab style for deploying pages with static site generators, like Jekyll, Hexo...

    Thanks though, I've also asked on Atlassian Answers and they told me about SSH usage.

    (This is a really cool feature, keep up the good job guys!😊)

  3. ishu3101

    Any updates on this? Would love to be able to deploy static site generators like Jekyll, Hexo on Bitbucket Pages like in the similar way you can on Gitlab Pages.

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