Issues are not linked on long wiki pages

Issue #13601 open
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On wiki pages, using either #{number} or issue #{number} turns the issue number into a link to the issue.

Sometimes, mysteriously, these links will no longer appear on a wiki page. Evidently this happens once the page reaches a certain length.

Users might encounter this on, for example, a release history page with lists of issues, as the page grows over time.

At times, the Preview feature in edit mode will show the links, only to have them disappear once the page is saved.

Ideally, the links should appear on all pages regardless of their length. But, if that can't be done, it would be good to notify the user, in the user interface and documentation.

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  1. Kaleb Elwert staff

    Yes, this is a somewhat known issue. If markup takes too long to render, we stop linkifying it. I do agree that we should display some sort of indicator when this happens so I'm going to open this.

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