Change default permissions in snippet creation to private - Customer Request

Issue #13609 open
Theodora Boudale
staff created an issue

Problem Definition

When creating a snippet the default Permissions for the snippet is set to 'Public'. This can be easily overlooked by users who may forget to change for snippets they want to keep private.

Suggested Solution

Change the default Permission on snippet creation to Private (for individual accounts) / Team (for team accounts).

Why this is important

Users may accidentally expose snippets meant to be Private/Team accessible (for team snippets) only.

Comments (12)

  1. Nate Elmer

    I have never intentionally made a Team snippet Public, but since Public is the default setting, I'm sure I've aired out a few--Gee I hope there was nothing sensitive in there. :-S

  2. Andrew Feller

    Giving Teams the control around what the default is only makes sense, but a significant majority of people use BitBucket because it's pricing is more conducive to closed source development and snippets accidentally made public happens more than anyone wants to admit.

  3. Santiago Arizti

    Just posting to support this idea, a collegue of mine just made a snippet with a password inside, so we the devs don't forget this password, he said he almost made it public by accident...

  4. WELZ

    Any update on this? Would really appreciate if we could get this.

    All of our snippets are private, hardly ever do we make them public, in which case it's much better to have to make it public than to accidentally leave it public.

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