Better display of usage and build minutes remaining for Pipelines

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Lewis Baumstark created an issue

It would be useful to see how many total minutes have been used, as well as how many minutes remain, in a team's monthly allocation so that we can better manage resources.

My suggestion is for this to be on the pipelines page for a project. For example, in the screenshot below (from!/) the duration column should have a total that reads something like "Used: 9 min, 14 sec; Remaining: 490 min, 46 sec" (assuming my mental math is correct!) based on my 500-minute monthly limit.

The numbers should be calculated based on minutes remaining in the current month/billing-cycle (and not simply be a total-for-all-time).

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.44.56 AM.png

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  1. Lewis Baumstark reporter

    Ok, I see how that works. In the back of my head I knew that minutes are allocated to teams/users (not repositories) but it didn't connect that a user profile would be the place to see the usage.

    I guess this could be marked as closed. It would still be nice to also see that total Usage on the pipelines page per the original feature request. My reasoning is that is the place where teams will be going most often -- it saves the constant need to check the admin/pipelines/usage link after every pipelined commit.

  2. Matt Ryall

    Thanks for the feedback, Lewis. We're collecting a bunch of feedback around how we display times and pricing. I'll reframe this issue to make it more general improvements to how we display usage information in the product.

    Note also the related issue, #12852, which is a specific request to show the duration of each command on the pipeline result screen.

  3. Abraham Varricatt

    For the past two weeks, I've been trying to convince my manager to enable Pipelines on a project. He's open to the idea of continuous development, but wanted to know how much it would cost. It took me about a week to figure out that Pipelines are a part of every subscription and that we have X minutes allocated to our organization account. The next question, is if we enable pipelines on more than one repository, how do we figure out which repository is costing us the most? I came across this question by chance and would like to request that such information be displayed more prominently at repository-level. Is this possible?

    -Abraham V.

  4. Matt Ryall

    @plastic-abraham and others: implementing this as a feature in the product may take a little while, so I put together a Node.js script that uses the Bitbucket API to calculate Pipelines usage for your repositories.

    Source and instructions are here:

    @zxkane - I think that Pipelines usage screen only shows up if you're the administrator of a paid team account, and it only shows a total anyway (i.e. no breakdown by repository). I'm looking into it further to confirm that, as I don't have a test case handy right now. You should be able to navigate via User menu > Team X > Settings - so opening the user menu via your avatar on the bottom left of screen, pick the team from the menu, then click Settings on the navigation menu.

  5. Aneita Yang staff

    Issue #14749 was marked as a duplicate of this issue.

    The issue specifically mentions being able to see historical data on build minutes used (on a monthly basis).

  6. Bryant

    I think it would be nice to see a graph of the usage over time to visualize and determine why build minutes were being used and if it needs to be addressed or not.

  7. Aneita Yang staff

    Issue #15594 was marked as a duplicate of this issue.

    This issue specifically mentions being able to see the breakdown of minutes across multiple repositories.

  8. Nikolay Georgiev

    I asked a similar question here and was redirected to this feature request.

    At our company we would like to have something similar basically Pipelines minutes distribution based on our git repos (and maybe users or teams). This way we can try focus on optimizing builds that take too long or are triggered too often.

    IMHO it would be enough if we have a monthly report of this.

  9. Aris Boutselis

    It would be great to start having monthly reports and a centralised page for our organisation remaining build minutes.

  10. Aneita Yang staff

    Issue #16768 was marked as a duplicate of this issue.

    This issue mentions ability to see historical data on usage/month and having usage broken down by repo.

  11. Thijs Knoops

    @mryall_atlassian is there any chance your script can check all repositories for a specific team (or repo's my account has access to) and then check the usage per repo?

    I've noticed the script gets stuck if a repo doesn't use pipelines, maybe that's something you could have a look at as well.

    I'm supporting multiple repos in our team and not all of them use pipelines. It's really time consuming to keep track of which repo does and which doesnt use a pipeline and then see how much minutes they use.

  12. Andreas Wellén

    We are running multiple customer projects were the repositories connected to those customers are stored under our one company team. Some of our teams have now stated that they would like to use pipelines to a greater extent but as we cannot break down the usage on a lower level (project, repo) this cannot be approved. Hence we need this feature to extend our usage and service to our customers.

  13. Magnus White

    my use case is having 200+ repos running pipelines using 100k's of minutes and wanting a more detailed breakdown of usage by project/team/repo/application

  14. Mikhail Kopylov

    I've bought additional build minutes for the account, but the platform doesn't show me how many minutes left. I'm frustrated. Could you please implement this feature.

  15. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi @omickron,

    You can check how many minutes have been used and calculate how many minutes are remaining by clicking on the 'Usage' button on the Pipelines page. Does this help?

    Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 5.32.50 pm.png

  16. Mikhail Kopylov

    Hi, @aneita I can see slightly different picture


    Sure, I can remember that I've bought 1000 extra minutes, but it's not obvious enough. Although there might be some issues with payments which may delay the payment and extra minutes won't be added. That's why it'll be very helpful to see used/total values rather that only used one.

  17. Kevin Gough

    Being able to view and manage your spend including drilling down into the details seems like a key enterprise feature to me. We would be very keen to use this, any idea if this is being actively worked on given that it has been an open issue for over two years?

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