Accessibility issues with NVDA screen reader

Issue #13639 open
Nathaniel Hansberry
created an issue

When removing a reviewer from or adding a reviewer to a pull request:

  • There are no remove links
  • When a name is typed, no list appears

Latest version of NV Access' NVDA screen reader is being used on a Windows machine via the latest version of the Firefox browser.

Additional Details

  • Firefox tends to lag and sometimes crash to the point where scripts from Bitbucket stop responding all together.
  • Happens in pull requests or commits with approximately more than 20 files.

Comments (10)

  1. Alex Stine

    Please let's get some development traction here. This greatly impacts me everyday and I desperately need a solution.

    Maybe a solution would be to allow an option to disable code previews. This should disable the script responsible for loading all those. It could be for repo admins or on an individual user bases.


  2. Jeremy Shoemaker staff

    I was able to reproduce the accessibility issues with the "reviewers" field on the Pull Request creation/edit screen using both NVDA on Windows and VoiceOver on macOS. Unfortunately the problem appears to be that the third-party Select2 widget library that we're using doesn't have accessibility support.

    I found an open issue on their GitHub project that the Wordpress team opened when they were doing an accessibility assessment of the widget, and it doesn't look like much progress has been made. I tried testing the latest version of Select2 to see if they've made any progress beyond the version we're using and it has the same issues with not being able to correctly read the selected items, or the items in the suggestion dropdown.

    We are working on a UI redesign that should replace the widget we're using, so I'll pass on the details of this issue to that team so they're aware of it and they can prioritize making sure this is fixed in the new UI. Since the effort involved is significant, I can't make any guarantees on how long it will take us to fix this issue.

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