Ability to retain experimental branches without cluttering up the branches view for everyone

Issue #13646 open
Ronald Chia staff created an issue

I work at a company and I work on product features, coding. There are quite a few times where I'm doing some R&D and putting together a few branches for the same feature but using different approaches. My best practice is to push branches up to the server as soon as possible (so that they are not only accessible to others but also backed up). The thing is ... many times, once we've picked the right approach, I still want to keep the other branches as they've got some valuable techniques or approaches that might come in useful at a later date.

The problem is I don't want these branches cluttering up everyone's view of our "active" code, I'd rather have it categorised in a way that allows others to filter them out (by default most likely). A "published" flag akin to a blog post draft might work.


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