Trigger build of dependent repos after pipeline builds

Issue #13661 duplicate
Sandip Ghosh created an issue

Based on @tombradshaw2 comment to this Atlassian Community Post:

Request to enhance Bitbucket Pipelines to support the setup of child dependencies in Pipeline across Bitbucket repos, so that a push in the dependent repo would automatically trigger a pipeline build in the repo with the child dependency.

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  1. Alex White

    Scenario for post deployment pipeline triggers:

    The first code deploy (a web app) has completed, a trigger will then deploy selenium tests in another repository through another pipleline.

  2. Jens Bannmann

    We definitively need this as well. Our scenario is Java Maven builds: when we land a new pull request in our framework's current SNAPSHOT version (develop branch), the current commit of the dependent product (on its develop branch) needs to be rebuilt. For release builds (commits on master), this is not necessary as those have fixed versions, not SNAPSHOT versions.

  3. Matt Ryall

    Thanks for pointing out the duplicate. I'll close this newer ticket off.

    There's actually a workaround for this now with custom pipelines and our REST API that I'll share on #13232.

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