Logging in with an existing Atlassian account creates a new Bitbucket account

Issue #13677 resolved
Ana Retamal created an issue

If a user doesn't have a Bitbucket account but they try to log into Bitbucket using the credentials for their Atlassian account, the system will ask them for a username and create a new Bitbucket account for them without further notice. This is creating confusion for users that think they're using the right email address, but they end up with a new empty Bitbucket account instead.

Currently, after they enter the credentials they see "Success! Almost done. Please choose a username for your Bitbucket account." It would be nice to make it clear that a Bitbucket account with that email address does not exist, and we're going to create a new one for them.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    This is intentional behavior because the signup flow doesn't know if the user just logged in as part of creating a new account (i.e. the actual signup flow) or whether they came from login.

    To improve this, let's add a param indicating the user just came from the login form and treat it differently.

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