Bitbucket and Atlassian Cloud User sync

Issue #13705 open
Esfandiar Behrouz
created an issue

Goal: I want to see my both my Bitbucket and Atlassian cloud instances to use the same user management tool like the rest of Atlassian does (JIRA, JIRA HelpDesk, Confluence).

Background: Right now I have to manage two different set of users and the user management in Bitbucket is not working well for me as there is no way to view all of my teammates' avatars in one place and also be able to manage the users. I would have to go into each group and see my users.

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  1. Drew Purkett

    This is an issue (I don't see it as an enhancement, but rather, a deficiency) that my team would like to see resolved.

    This would make choosing between Bitbucket and other tools (e.g. github) much easier, due to our existing use of JIRA.

  2. Niranjan Vissa

    I concur that this is a bug and not an enhancement. A key advantage of staying within the Atlassian ecosystem is seamless integration between various Atlassian products (including single login in this case). I'm having a difficult time selling JIRA + Confluence + BitBucket to a team (currently using GitLab for task management + code repository) because of this issue.

  3. Ondrej Pribyl

    Being used to the shared user directories integration in our other Atlassian (Server) products - JIRA, Confluence, HipChat and FishEye, the disconnect of BitBucket Cloud has come as a surprise. As the feature exists in BitBucket Server, I am sure BitBucket Cloud could have it soon too.

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