Support for macOS & iOS in Pipelines

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Currently we are unable to run builds for iOS, macOS or other applications which needed a macOS or Xcode underlined.

E.g. a nodejs app which includes a dependency written in Swift. We have no chance to build this decency with Pipelines.

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  1. StefMa reporter

    Fortunately I have a swift project, yes. But it will only work if I use swift and the package manager. But it isn't possible when I need to use xcodebuild, for example...

  2. Matt Ryall staff

    Thanks for the request. We don't have plans to offer this in the short term, but will keep this request open to gather votes and feedback from our customers.

  3. Tim Mylemans

    If you could add this feature in the near future, I'm pretty sure we would be able to upgrade our account then.

    In addition, I'm sure that many users will be OK with having an additional cost for this kind of pipeline

  4. Peter de Kraker

    Wow, I was used to Gitlab supporting runners on every platform and we went in expecting similar functionality in Bitbucket. Big disappointment. We'll probably move away from it now. As mobile devs we need this.

  5. Álvaro Sarasúa

    @Matt Ryall Is there any update on this after more than 2 years from the answer? It is becoming and absolute necessity for most of our projects, we will have to move everything to any other service (all of them include this basic functionality!) if no updates arrive soon.

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