New pull request doesn't select the default-branch

Issue #13734 duplicate
Gabriel Marcolino staff created an issue

It seems like it would be a good feature to give us the option of defaulting pull requests to the parent branch and also defaulting the branch view to display the parent branch instead of the default branch.


      * bbbvvv4 2017-01-10 | Change texto file (hotFix2)
    * bbbvvv3 2017-01-10 | Change texto file (hotFix)
  * bbbvvv2 2017-01-09 | Add some file (develop)
* bbbvvv1 2017-01-09 | Add text file (master) 

When we open a pull request to hotfix2 it would suggest it's parent in this case hotfix (instead of the default branch).

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