Keep consistent repo name breadcrumb under "Pipelines" view

Issue #13744 resolved
Jesse Yowell created an issue

Right now, it appears we are showing the repo slug instead of the user's repo name value

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  1. Matt Ryall

    Hi Jesse, there's a technical limitation in that Pipelines can render faster if we use the slug instead of the repo name. The slug is provided by Bitbucket to the Pipelines Connect add-on when it loads, whereas retrieving the repo name requires an addition request back to the server.

    Is there a particular use case where this causes a big problem? Unless it's a major issue, I think we'd close this issue as won't-fix for now.

  2. Matt Ryall

    Actually, our devs found a way to do it without a performance penalty, so we're now tracking this as a minor bug. (Internal issue: BBCI-3933).

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