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Amber Van Hecke staff created an issue

Please provide any feedback and bugs found with UI tagging here.

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  1. Aaron Bottegal

    I reset my commit history by forcing my repo to another history, and I tried to tag it with "release" which was tagged in the old commit history and it won't allow it because it says it already exists. I think this is two bugs, as it should allow me to tag multiple commits with the same tag, and also this tag doesn't exist in my current commit history to be tagged, so it also should allow it to be tagged, also. Thanks, guys.

  2. Aaron Bottegal

    Also, any reason I can't duplicate a tag? This seems to be missing a lot of functionality that actually makes tags useful. I'd like to tag releases with 1. "release" and 2. Their release version. I can obviously do version, but not duplicating "release" since it's already used on another commit.

  3. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Resolving this as this feature has been out a while - any new feedback/bugs can be created as new issues.

    Aaron - sorry for the suuuuuper late reply. For the first one, check the .git/refs/tags directory in your repo to make sure the tag doesn't still exist. For the second one, git doesn't allow duplicate tag names (a tag is a ref, just like a branch, and branches can't have duplicate names).

  4. Aaron Bottegal

    Ah, gotcha. Didn't realize this, as it seemed I could have multiple tags of the same string. But it makes sense, just have to number them I guess. Thanks!

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