Removed last admin of a repo and lost access to that repo

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Ferran Bonas created an issue


I was managing users/groups on a repo ( owned by a Team and I deleted my self as Admin. The owner of that repo is a Team and I though that I could still have access using team access but I can't access the repo in anyway. Could you restore my access to that repo?

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Ferran,

    Since you’ve indicated you're an admin of the team that owns the repo, you can grant yourself admin access to the repo in order to update it again.

    1. Create a new group
    2. Add yourself to the group
    3. Click the three-dots (…) menu in the top right corner of the groups page and click “Update repository access”
    4. Select "All repositories that <team name> owns” and “Admin”
    5. Click update

    That will grant you admin access to all repos under the team, which will let you go back and add yourself or another user as an admin to that specific repo. You can then delete the group you created above.

    If you have further questions, it’d probably be easiest to handle via a support ticket - just shoot us an email (support at bitbucket dot org).



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