Please provide a way to increase /dev/shm

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Simon Schick
created an issue

Please provide us with an opportunity to increase the storage at /dev/shm. The default of docker is 32mb, which is too small to run a headless version of chrome and testing the website I am programming currently.

Docker has a parameter --shm-size= that allows you to increase this value (see

Here's a more detailed analysis on this issue:

For the time being, I have to stick to only testing on a headless version of Firefox.

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  1. Simon Schick reporter

    If it's hard to have it configurable, please take it up to 512MB. Unless you keep doing crazy rich stuff, this should hold.

    This value isn't calculated, but it's a value I started using to run tests locally and it does it's job pretty well.

  2. Ronoaldo Pereira

    Is it possible to get the /dev/shm size configurable for running, say, database tests? I would like to set the /var/lib/mysql folder to reside in memory for fast setup/teardown testing in my pipelines. 512MB is somewhat low for some tests.

  3. Daniel Egger

    Just some more details:

    Cypress which uses chrome under the hood crashes very often in our pipeline with the following error:

    We detected that the Chromium Renderer process just crashed.
    This is the equivalent to seeing the 'sad face' when Chrome dies.
    This can happen for a number of different reasons:
    - You wrote an endless loop and you must fix your own code
    - There is a memory leak in Cypress (unlikely but possible)
    - You are running Docker (there is an easy fix for this: see link below)
    - You are running lots of tests on a memory intense application
    - You are running in a memory starved VM environment
    - There are problems with your GPU / GPU drivers
    - There are browser bugs in Chromium
    You can learn more including how to fix Docker here:

    It seems to be related to the /dev/shm size. I also tried to make a sixe: 2x run but cypress/chrome is still crashing in my pipeline. Not all the times, some times it works, but more often than not it crashes.

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