Detailed Slack and Stride notifications for deployments in Pipelines

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Sebastian Sibelle
created an issue

We're using the Slack notifications for completed pipelines integration outlined here:

We recently moved over to using pipelines from DeployBot and we really miss the commit messages from the notifications because it's useful to keep track of what exactly is going out in each deploy.

In addition to the branch and the status of the build we would love the following information:

  • Commit Message - Ideally parsed as Markdown and JIRA ticket references hooked up.
  • Commit Hash
  • Build Status
  • Whether the deployment was automatic or manually triggered
  • Who the commit author was that triggered the build

In addition there is a lot of extraneous information in the messages which make it harder to keep track of what is actually going on when you're doing lots of deployments. E.g. "Build status updated to SUCCESSFUL" could be shortened to just "Status: SUCCESSFUL".

The "In Progress" notifications are a bit of a distraction too when looking back through the logs so it would be good to be able to separate those from the build success/fail ones.

See attached images for an example.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi everyone,

    While the description for this issue focuses on Slack, this issue is tracking both the request for Slack and Stride. I've renamed the issue to reflect this.

    As @Jameel Moses has mentioned, we've recently shipped the Bitbucket Cloud / Slack integration. You can configure notifications for builds and updates to your repository to be sent to your Slack channels. The same integration will soon be available on Stride as well.

    The chat integration currently doesn't cover deployment notifications however, which is what this feature request is for. I'll keep this issue open until we have deployment notifications.

  2. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi everyone,

    Good news - Bitbucket's chatbot (available in Slack) now supports deployment notifications. You can configure notifications to be sent for any successful, stopped and failed deployments that are tracked by Bitbucket Deployments. For details about how to configure the notifications for your Bitbucket repository, check out our documentation.

    Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.37.30 am.png

    If you have any feedback or additional requests for deployment notifications feature, I ask that you please raise a new ticket on site master so that we can track the request separately.


  3. Alan Haverty

    Hi all, great to see the new slack notifications for deployments, and the Jira issue view in bitbucket deployment view. We've got pretty good visibility on our dev team in our private development channel, but it's a bit of a pain to update the rest of the non-technical team on what's been deployed. If the deployment notifications could list the Jira issue titles that we're included in this deployment, that would be awesome! (Is this a good place to suggest, or should I open a ticket?)

    EDIT: I just noticed the notification is triggered on all deployments (test, staging and production).

    Our ideal solution would be sending slack notifications with the Jira issues and names to our office channel, on only successful deployments to production

  4. Aneita Yang staff

    Hey @Alan Haverty,

    Thanks for the suggestions. Can you raise a separate ticket for each of your suggestions please? That'll help us keep track of your feature requests and also allow us to gauge the interest from other users.


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