Improve 'Invalid state' error message when editing billing details

Issue #13856 open
Ana Retamal Ortiz
created an issue

In Bitbucket Cloud, when trying to add payment details from Bitbucket Settings > Plan details the State field will in some cases return the error 'Invalid state' even if the name added is a valid state (see screenshot). This will prevent the user from completing the process and make the payment.

The issue is that state abbreviations are expected, but the error message does not make this clear.

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  1. BytesBrick InfoSystems

    Same problem i am facing too , I need to change my credit card info before next bill cycle , but i am not able to do , kindly solve this issue.

    I am not sure this is happening for another countries , but if i choose india this error is happening.

    I need to select Delhi as state

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