Add the ability to view all comments across all commits and pull requests for a file in a Repo

Issue #13862 open
Yana Bazulina
staff created an issue

There are multiple pull requests and multiple commits for a file. What would be good is have the ability to aggregate comments from all commits and pull requests for a given file, so you can see them all comments in one place. This provides a good way to look at past comments when you work on a file or with the code. Otherwise, all the good thoughts are buried in some commit or pull request that were intended for collaboration.

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  1. Ondrej Huta

    I would like to (maybe) extend this request, I would like to see all comments aggregated in the pull request. If you comment on files in individual commits, you can see it only there, not on the pull request overview screen.

  2. Stephen Sykes

    I'm not completely following.

    • Pull request comments already exist, for the pull request, across all files in the pull request.
    • Similarly each commit has comments, but only for files on that commit.

    What I was suggesting here was a means of seeing all comments across all commits and pull requests, for a specific file (a file view, versus the commit and pull request view, above).

    Of course, having some level of sophistication (leveraging git revisions but with a nice UI) to be able to limit the range of included commits/pull requests would be important.

  3. Ondrej Huta

    I understand the initial request and the difference of mine. I know that there are comments for specific comment and files in pull request.

    But what I would like to see is when there is a comment in the specific commit, which is a part of the pull request, the comment would be visible directly from the pull request "dashboard", not only in the activity and the commit itself.

    If you make a comment to a line from the pull request and later the line is changed, the comment is still present, even thought it is hidden. I would like to see this mechanics from the "commit comments" as well.

    Maybe it would be really better to make this as a separate request...

  4. Stephen Sykes

    Thanks - that's a great clarification and addition to the feature request. I don't think that belongs in a different feature request - this general thought needs to be taken and well and fully designed and your addition is a spot on.

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