Incorrect information on pull request after merge

Issue #13889 open
Gabriel Marcolino
staff created an issue

We start to work in a feature branch, say "foo". Make some changes in a commit, push that branch, make PR # 1 against the "master" branch to do the code review.

Once we approve the code review, we merge branch "foo" into the the "CI" branch, and our CI system builds that branch and runs tests. Once that build finishes successfully, the CI branch creates PR # 2, and merges the "CI" branch into the "master" branch. At that point, the commits from "foo" are in "master" and Bitbucket background task that updates all other PRs that are pointing at "master" goes through and finds the open PR # 1 they had used for code review and now marks it as "merged", but something in that logic is updating PR # 1 incorrectly, which is why the Commits tab doesn't list the commits, and the diff is coming out strange.

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  1. Abhin Chhabra staff

    Hi @Nir Cohen,

    The bugfix team works through the backlog roughly based on priority and votes. We feel that that is the best way to utilize our dev resources. So the best way to ensure that a ticket you care for gets dev time is to vote on it. Also, if you know other people who think that this issue is important to them, then it wouldn't hurt to ask them to vote on it too 😉

  2. Nir Cohen

    thanks for the info, while I'm waiting for a fix, do you think there is any workaround that would allow me to watch the content of the original pull request?

  3. Nir Cohen

    Hello, I'd like to see if there is any progress with this bug?

    we still experience it in ALL of our pull requests to our master branch.

    Since you deployed a "revert" feature (nice one!) I'm worried this bug might become critical since you would incorrectly revert the wrong commits.

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