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Ronald Chia
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I'm considering switching our workflow to squash our pull requests before merging, and if we do that, I'd like that to be the option selected by default for all our users - otherwise, people will forget to change it all the time and we'll have inconsistent pull request merges.


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  1. Marcus Schumann

    This is creating so much trouble for us.

    Developers forgetting to squash resulting in a very unclean git history. At the same time we don't want to restrict who can merge PR's so being able to choose a default strategy (or even select which strategies are available in the dropdown) would solve these problems for us.

  2. Safiq M

    Absolutely need this and it cant be that difficult to fix. Come on bitbucket team, we need you here !

    (Having a bunch of inconsistent merge strategies)

  3. Mukunda Gogoi

    It's a very low hanging fruit and can be done with some simple HTML and JS changes and will have a very good impact on customer satisfaction. Idk why is still not being picked up?

  4. Ondrej Rohon

    wow, this feature is really missing, I though that I'm blind that I cannot find it anywhere. Lack of this feature makes me rethink if I want to use bitbucket :/

  5. Ben Kutsch

    Please add, as this would be very useful. Plus 1 to all the other comments.

    We currently have this exact issue: "people will forget to change it all the time and we'll have inconsistent pull request merges."

  6. Bruno Hexsel

    Please add this, it would be good along with being able to suppress the meaningless "Merge PR XXXX" message" for people that would like their commit titles to have a meaning.

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