Changes attributed to wrong user

Issue #1393 resolved
Aaron Cooper
created an issue

Using TortoiseHG for this.

I created a new repository on bitbucket, and "synchronised" files from my local repository. The changes were attributed to "Aaron Salmon". And example can be seen here:

All changes were made by me.

I had not set my commit username in tortoise and it defaulted to "Aaron". I've since set the username and the problem has seemed to be worked-around, but it looks as though I can set my username to anything and have it reflect in the bitbucket repository overview.

This behaviour is also awkward because my default username for my local repositories is "Aaron", so if I commit those changes to bitbucket the wrong user will be reflected.

If possible, the user displayed on the overview page should come from the username used as part of the login.

Aaron Cooper (aaronc)