Email notifications for code reviews stopped working

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Jan Krivanek
created an issue

Several of my team members observed that they stopped receiving email notifications for code reviews on their commits in BitBucket.
This is disrupting our development workflow.

I can provide more detail info if needed.

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  1. Jan Krivanek reporter

    Deprioritizing as it seems to be fixed now.
    We have few code reviews from today morning (~2017-03-08 11:30 CET) for which the notification never arrived. Notifications from afternoon reviews arived just fine.

  2. Abhin Chhabra

    Hi @Jan Krivanek,

    I apologize for the inconvenience. This may have been a temporary issue with our emails, which could include any subsystem starting from our servers, to our email provider. I'm happy that this was just temporary, but since we don't have any reports of widespread problems and since this is resolved, I'm going to close the ticket. I have mentioned this to our ops team, so they'll spend some time looking into what happened.

    For now, I'll close this ticket. If this happens again, I'll be grateful if you reached out.

  3. Jan Krivanek reporter

    Thanks Abhin, we still do observe this issue almost every single day for multiple code reviews.
    Do let me know if other info is needed (e.g. our team account details - as we are paying customers)
    This is significantly disturbing our existing workflow - so any information about investigation progress or/and fix ETA is more than appreciated

  4. Gabriel Marcolino staff

    Hello Jan,

    We've marked this issue as invalid since this page is for tracking known bugs and feature requests on Bitbucket. We went ahead and created a support ticket for you under your Bitbucket email. Soon a Bitbucket engineer will be contacting you.


  5. Jan Krivanek reporter

    Thanks Gabrial,

    Please escalate the support ticket from the beginning. It's already 2 weeks we started having the issues and the notification feature is now working correctly only very occasionaly (with several code reviews a day; the last notification arrived more than week ago).


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