SSH keys: add a column for the types of the user’s keys

Issue #13970 open
Delan Azabani
created an issue

The default comments in ssh-keygen(1) keys (user@host) aren’t as useful as they could be, and together with the “added” column, a column for key types would reduce my desire to give each of my keys a custom comment.

A key type column that consists of the first word of each key (like “ssh-rsa” or “ssh-ed25‌519”) would be a viable start, but a column that says “RSA (4096 bits)” or “ECDSA (P-256)” or “DSA (1024 bits)” ^ or “Ed25519” would really tickle my fancy.

^ you could omit the “(1024 bits)” for now, because SSH (as of RFC 4253) is tightly coupled to the FIPS 186-2 version of DSA, where keys must be of that length