Build resulting from merge of pull request with "close branch" ticked fails

Issue #13977 invalid
Hansel Dunlop
created an issue

If you create a pull request and tick the "close branch" feature and then merge the branch. The resulting pipeline build will fail while attempting to clone the repo.

This is because the clone command explictly mentions the now deleted branch: git clone --branch="feature/branch" ...

I can understand why it's being done... but it might be better to try and do the shallow clone of the branch, or if that fails do a full clone and checkout of the correct commit.

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  1. Mauri Edo

    Hi there @Hansel Dunlop, sorry but we are unable to reproduce the issue you mention :(

    We can see that when closing a pull request checking the "close branch" option, Pipelines triggers a new build for the merge commit on the Master branch, where the clone succeeds, and not on the feature branch. Is it possible that you were pushing to a feature branch and then merging (and deleting the branch) so that the build that failed was the associated with the push?

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