Bitbucket Issues: Closeable comment threads

Issue #13979 open
David Bond
created an issue

Every so often, when someone agrees with us on this thread:
I get an email to say "+1", what a good idea it is, and Atlassian should definitely do that etc.

As the issue is marked "Won't Fix" (let's say, for argument's sake, due to potential cannibalism with the Jira product - a reasonable position for Atlassian to take), the feature request will never happen.

The net result is that I receive a drip, drip, drip via e-mail, reminding me how disappointed I am in the "Won't Fix" decision how my desire to improve the product is pointless, the Universe is out to get me etc.

It would be better if Atlassian's "Won't Fix" discussions are shut down entirely (removing the community's ability to comment once more about how this request is 5 years old and STILL nothing has been done etc.).

In this way, neither Atlassian nor its users are constantly reminded of the (good? / bad? - let's say "bad") decision and the eternally soul-crushing and heart-rending disappointment wrought by the Atlassian product team.

Alternative fix: Reverse the "Won't Fix" decision on 4588.