Rollback commands on fail builds

Issue #13993 duplicate
Kamil Szewczyk created an issue

I would like the ability to run some custom commands on fail builds that happens on pipelines. Right now, our pipeline is running multiple steps including connection to third party servers/services. Sometimes this connection fails, however all other previous steps were executed and there is no way of rolling back the changes that were made.

Would it be possible to add a trigger to configuration that would pass the number of the step that failed, so that a custom script would run which would roll back any necessary changes.

Configuration could look like:

      - step:
            - step 1
            - step 2
            - step 3
            - step 4
      - rollback:
            - step 1

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  1. Joshua Tjhin Account Deactivated

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've closed this as a duplicate of #13317 to keep feedback on the single ticket. Please vote/watch/comment on the ticket.

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