Trigger custom pipeline build with git comment

Issue #14026 wontfix
Benj Kamm
created an issue

I love the addition of custom pipelines but it is still several extra steps to push my commit, open up bitbucket, load the commit, and trigger the custom pipeline manually.

In the same way that I can use [ci skip] in a commit message to skip the default pipeline build, I would like to be able to use commit messages to trigger custom builds. E.g.

[ci custom] would trigger a custom build named "custom"
[ci my-awesome-build] would trigger a custom build named "my-awesome-build"

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  1. Matt Ryall staff

    Thanks for the suggestion, but given the low interest in this issue so far we're unlikely to implement it any time soon.

    I'm going to close this issue as "Won't fix" for now. Note that there is a Pipelines REST API, so it's fairly straightforward to trigger a custom pipeline from the command line using that if you wanted to.

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