pull request merging erroring out

Issue #14029 resolved
Gary Kramlich created an issue

I'm trying to merge https://bitbucket.org/pidgin/main/pull-requests/185/enables-pidgin-to-display-urls-attached/diff and it just spins forever.

Upon looking at the network responses, I'm getting 500's back with the following output

{"type": "error", "error": {"message": "pretxncommit hook failed", "id": "0c624c098b244a8e865f683a7f915566"}}

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  1. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    Thank you for reporting this. It seems related to a change that recently went out. I'll be working on a fix and update this ticket as much as I can. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  2. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    Hi @Gary Kramlich,

    It appears that the currently logging messages available aren't enough to diagnose this issue. So we're going to add some logging to the service that generated that issue and see if we can figure out what's happening here. Unfortunately, this will add a few days to the fix. Sorry about that.

  3. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    Hi @Gary Kramlich,

    Thank you for your patience. It turns out that the issue was with permissioning. If the user merging the PR does not have the permissions needed to close the branch, we were not showing the error to the user well. Also, the option to close the source branch should never have appeared to begin with.

    A first-cut fix for this has been merged and will be deployed soon. I'll be taking a look at the problem soon after to see what else we could do to make the situation better.

  4. Gary Kramlich reporter

    So the close is on the remote? Oh right, this is a git vs mercurial thing... So either way I'm going to have to continue closing branches in my repo because that's never how it worked (it closing it on the target repo). Man that sucks. Super tedious to merge, pull, close branch, push.

  5. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    Yes, the close is on the remote. I'll try to squeeze in some time this week and see if I can improve that. I'll keep you posted.

  6. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    I'm closing this ticket because this issue has actually been solved (and the solution deployed).

    I've created another issue based on the discussions in this ticket. Please vote on it.

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