Add support for checkboxes made in markdown.

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Sean D. Hunt created an issue

When moving from github which happily accepts checkboxes with - [x] (in their checked state) and - [ ] in their unchecked state allowing the user to lazily click on them when an bug or part of an issue opened is fixed. However on bitbucket those are not supported and are processed to:

  • [ ] example that should become an checkbox for this test here but is not.

Otherwise the markdown on bitbucket is about to par with github's except for the checkboxes and stuff.

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  1. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    In bitbucket, you can attach a task to a comment by using the create task link at the bottom of any comment. Currently that's the only supported mechanism for creating tasks. It doesn't mean that we wont't change that, but at the moment, there's no plan to do so.

    I'm going to unassign myself. Tasks are assigned to available developers when they are picked up by the team based on who is available at the time.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Dwayne Roberts

    The priority is minor but can we have a rough estimate on when we can expect this feature. Moving from GitHub, it's really a feature we mis. On GitHub we would create a test checklist which each developer kan check off if handled. When all are handled we can merge the PR. Now we have to communicate who has done what through the comments.

  3. serivesmejia

    Just migrated my project from GitLab and I realized this problem :(
    Hope bitbucket add support for markdown checkboxes soon...

    EDIT: found a temp solution: Use ❌ and ✅ emojis. It worked fine for me


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