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Luke Batchelor
created an issue

This is a super minor thing that would be kind of nice to use and shouldnt really introduce any new complexity.

Currently, when on a pipeline I can see breadcrumbs links for

Username / Repo / Pipelines

Each of those link where you would expect. What I'd like is an extra link that links to the Pipelines page for the particular branch that the pipeline is running from.

Username / Repo / Pipelines / Branch

So, Pipelines would link to<username>/<repo>/addon/pipelines/home#!/
and Branch would link to<username>/<repo>/addon/pipelines/home#!/results/branch/<branch>/page/1

I'm hoping this should be a pretty trivial change and would be more than willing to make a PR if you would like.


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  1. Joshua Tjhin

    Hey Luke,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Have you tried following the branch link in the Commit info? It links to the commits of the branch which you can also see the build statuses next to each commit.

    Currently, the breadcrumb is based on the IA: Account > Repo > Pipelines. It's unlikely we add an additional level for branch as not all Pipelines have a branch.

  2. Luke Batchelor reporter

    Ah, true I hadnt considered that.

    I was actually looking at contributing this to the front end repo. Would you mind if I spiked it sometime to see how hard it is to conditionally show the branch link?

    The branch link workaround isnt exactly what we wanted, we wanted to be able to return to the same view we were in previously.

    All good withe way though

  3. Joshua Tjhin

    I'd be happy to accept a pull request if we agreed that this is something we should change :)

    Would this be confusing if you didn't come from the pipelines list with branch selected? There's also the browser back button although I understand why you would want a link.

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