REST API: Wiki page update by PUT not working

Issue #14066 open
Wilco created an issue

As mentioned in, the REST API wiki PUT method has worked, but now seemingly returns an error which seems to lead to the fact that it's trying to create a new page with the same name instead of updating the specified wiki page.

After executing the following command through SSH;

curl --user user:pass --data "data=content&path=/" -v -X PUT

The following error occurs;

<ul class="errorlist"><li>path<ul class="errorlist"><li>Please choose a new title, aleady exists.</li></ul></li></ul>

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  1. Wilco Account Deactivated reporter

    It has been quite a few months, and i haven't seen any progress. This is quite a big issue, since wiki's are allowed to be created through the REST API, but updating just still doesn't work.

    Please take fixing this issue in consideration, or implement a similar feature in the 2.0 API.

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