Using "AWS CodeDeploy for Bitbucket" addon users can not able to add N number of AWS Deploy applications

Issue #14085 open
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As per the above link, I can able to deploy from multiple branches to multiple servers. But everytime I need to go to codedeploy settings & need to adjust settings.

Need to implement like under code deploy settings user can able to add "N" number of AWS Deploy Applications

Assume: There are 2 Applications in aws code deploy say 1. cicd_prod_app, 2. cicd_preprod_app.

So in bitbucket under settings It has show Application name, S3 bucket name, Branch with addmore option. So user can add his another application, another s3bucket and another branch. Like wise can able to add N number of applications along with S3buckets & branch name.

In bitbucket Im using multiple branches like production, preproduction, testing, staging etc.. So when code is pushed to preproduction branch the application cicd_preprod_app need to be trigger & deploy the code to my preprod server. similarly to production.


After merging code to any branch, When user manually click on Deploy to AWS link, It has to show a radio button with list of applications which we configured under settings. so the user will select his appropriate application & Deployment Group and will click on submit

Thanks & Regards, Sandeep Vanam