Execute script based on changed files/folders

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Daniel Sirota created an issue

Our projects consists of couple of mini projects. Currently on each push we execute all the tests & deploy all the mini projects to app engine. This creates lots of different versions and takes a lot of time.

If we could configure that different scripts run for file changes in specific directories it would save us lots of build minutes and will create only the relevant deployments. (Maybe even by commit text, if contains some word).

Also, because PIpelines runs only for the last commit of each push, it should know to check all the changes in the latest push, and not only the latest commit.

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  1. Joshua Tjhin Account Deactivated

    Hi Danysarp,

    Seems like you have a monorepo and problems (and benefits) of it like building the world on every change. However, it's unlikely that we add the capability to Pipelines although it might be possible to put this logic into your pipeline scripts as you have access to Git.

    Another way is to split your projects into separate repos although you wouldn't have the benefits of a monorepo then.

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