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David Ha
created an issue

Sorting the pull request overview "feed" by recent activity will improve usability.

If someone responds to my comment, I have to scroll all the way down to the comment's original position in activity feed. I can't even CTRL+F to find it since the feed lazy loads. So, I end up mashing END until I hit the bottom of the feed. Then I CTRL+F to find a comment. But if replying to a comment or editing one made its whole thread appear at the top of the feed, I could spend more time actually reviewing prs instead of managing them.

If I add a comment on someone else's pr, I have to send them a link to the comment when they've forgotten about it. If the feed were sorted by recent activity, though, I could just reply to my own comment (e.g. "Reminder to look at this."), which would make that whole thread appear at the top of overview feed.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the feedback. Just to clarify: are you referring to the pull request overview i.e.<account>/<repo>/pull-requests? If no, which feed are you referring to?


  2. David Ha reporter

    Yup, that's the one. We have a private bitbucket instance so our url is:


    I made some screenshots. Here is a comment thread where the most recent comment (well the only comment) is from three days ago.


    Note the position in the vertical scroll bar.

    Here is a comment thread where the most recent comment was two days ago, same pr:


    The thread with older activity appears above one with newer activity.

  3. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Aha! If you are running a private instance, then you're running Bitbucket Server - which is actually different software than what's running on, which is what this issue tracker is geared towards. If you'd like to open this feature request for Bitbucket Server, you can do so at in the BSERV project. Thanks!

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