New Side menu doesn't load properly on Safari 9.

Issue #14188 wontfix
Gary Sackett
staff created an issue

See screenshot below - tested on OSX:

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  1. Charles Robertson

    The problem is that on the iPad, all non-safari browsers use the Safari engine, so the problem persists in Chrome & Firefox.
    Does anyone, know an alternative way that I can navigate to my code files on BitBucket without using the side menu?

    Any help would be much appreciated on this matter?

  2. Charles Robertson

    Its one thing to depracate a feature, but another to remove functionality for a browser that is only 6 months old?

    Please listen to your loyal developer base, BitBucket. We are not asking for you to change the world!

  3. Charles Robertson

    Benjamin, you wrote:

    "Safari 10 is the latest Safari version, so we will not be fixing Safari 9 issues."

    That would be fine, if you hadn't destroyed the previous functionality that made it work in Safari 9. Your code should be backward compatible, within reason.

    So, if you had said:

    "We are no longer supporting Safari 5..."

    I would have no issue with this statement, because Safari 5 is over 4 years old.

    But, we are talking about Safari 9, here.

    This browser is less than a year old!

    And furthermore, this is no small issue. I cannot navigate anywhere within BitBucket. It would be fine, if it was the odd button that was out of place. But this change, has destroyed vital, core functionality, to the point, where I cannot use BitBucket, at all!

  4. Yanik Crépeau

    For iPad users: I have discovered that all browsers (Firefox for iOS, Google Chrome for iOS, Opera mini) use the same underlying rendering engine than Safari (webkit). The only way to get the new functionalities (for instance CSS Grid) is to upgrade the operating system.

    Bad luck, my iPad can not be upgraded.

    So, for me, the latest Safari version available is... Safari 9.

  5. Bill Richardson

    I just bought a brand new Mac less than a year ago, and now it won't work with bitbucket. So Bitbucket is basically saying that we have to continually upgrade to the latest system and browser, or we can't use their services.

    Most of my customers are on wildly varying versions of OS and browser, so this is a show-stopper for using Bitbucket as my business's go-to repo service.

  6. Charles Robertson

    I hear you Bill. As a developer, myself, if I was to write HTML/CSS for a navigation system, that did not display correctly on a wide variety of "relatively" old & new browsers, I would probably get fired from my company, for gross incompetence. BitBucket's attitude on this matter is awful!

  7. Pedro S. Lopez

    It's completely ridiculous that they won't fix something on a browser that's still relatively new, specially when it's something that completely prevents you from using the web interface whatsoever.

  8. Charles Robertson

    Totally agree, Pedro. This is a total disgrace. If I tried to pull a stunt like this at work, I would probably get fired for pissing off 36% of my customer user base, which is the proportion of people, who use Safari on iOS9...

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