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It would be great if Pipelines supported more operating systems than just Linux. It would give Travis-using developers a strong incentive to switch to BitBucket. FreeBSD, thanks to Jails, would probably be the easiest OS to add. There are several Jail managers available for FreeBSD, for example: a popular native Jail manager, using ZFS clones. port of Docker to FreeBSD, using ZFS. It can also run some Linux images using Linux binary emulation An experimental implementation of the App Container Specification.

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  1. Joshua Tjhin
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    Thanks for the suggestion!

    I'll open this issue to collect feedback from others but I'd like to be honest and say it's very unlikely that we support FreeBSD as Windows and Mac support are a higher priority.

    Could you describe what kind of projects you would like to build in FreeBSD (e.g. libraries, web apps etc..)?

  2. asomers reporter

    Thanks for asking. Personally, I'm involved in the FreeBSD ports of several Rust projects: libc, nix, mio, futures-rs, and tokio-core. I also wrote the (for now FreeBSD-only) mio-aio and tokio-file, which enable fully asynchronous file I/O, freely intermixed with network I/O, and without thread pools. Outside of Rust, I'm a maintainer of pjdfstest, a comprehensive POSIX compliance test suite for filesystems, which was used to validate the FreeBSD and Linux ports of ZFS and is also used by Ceph-FS. All of those projects are currently hosted on Github, and none have a FreeBSD CI system for lack of any good hosted options. I'm also the author of staf4ruby: Ruby bindings for STAF. That's hosted on BitBucket, but again lacks a FreeBSD CI.

    I'm also a member of the FreeBSD project, a frequent contributor to OpenZFS, and an occasional contributor to Rust. All of those projects have homegrown CI systems, however.

    My next project will be Ruby bindings for FreeBSD's libifconfig, a library for viewing and manipulating network interfaces.

  3. Matt Ryall staff

    I'm going to close this as Won't Fix as I think it will be a very long time before we can seriously look at adding FreeBSD support.

    We have highly voted requests for Windows and iOS support that would be higher priority, and these are not yet at the top of the queue. FreeBSD support would be great, but unfortunately just can't fit on our product roadmap right now.

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