Invitations sent to email alias of a user prompts user to create a new Bitbucket account

Issue #14268 invalid
Deric Lee created an issue

When an invitation is sent to the Bitbucket user's email alias (non primary email), the email prompts user to create a new Bitbucket account rather than granting the team/repo access to the existing account.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    This is actually intentional. Email aliases are for Git aliasing only. For the purposes of authentication and authorization, users must be identified by a single email address.

  2. Cameron Foale

    It's surprising though. Is there an alternative? I would like to maintain a single Atlassian/Bitbucket account if possible.

  3. Josh Graham

    Sorry, @Alastair Wilkes this is an intentional fail, then. It's also one of the long-standing objections I've had to the Atlassian ID concept.

    It is up to me if I want multiple Atlassian IDs and what natural key (email address) I select for them, and also up to me to determine if and when they are shared or used with other parties, or used for various Atlassian services.

    Just as there are email aliases for git aliasing, there's no reason two Atlassian IDs can't be used for one BitBucket account (the reverse isn't true, but is also not necessary).

    Please ask the PMs to seriously consider the user annoyance and friction this creates.

  4. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Josh,

    Your request is totally reasonable. There are some open feature requests for the ability to link multiple email addresses to the same Atlassian account (which is a similar concept): See this issue and the issues linked to it:

    That said, instead of linking multiple accounts together, I think it's more likely that we'll make it easier to use multiple Atlassian accounts simultaneously (e.g. account switching).

    Thanks for the feedback.


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