Pipeline builds stuck on 'Waiting for agent'

Issue #14282 resolved
Ankush Sharma
created an issue

I've been trying to deploy multiple repositories today. However, I've been unable to deploy any build via Bitbucket pipeline in the past hour or so .The status is stuck at 'waiting for agent'. Is there a limit on how many builds can be made in a day?

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  1. Nathan Burrell staff

    Hi Ankush,

    There is not, however on saturday night at arround 12am AEST we did notice that some pipelines were in the WAITING_ON_AGENT state for longer than usual due to some scaling issues with AWS.

    However all pipelines in this state should have completed shortly after this was remedied, can you please confirm if your pipelines completed?

    Kind Regards, Nathan Burrell

  2. Ankush Sharma reporter

    Eli, as far as I remember, our issue was resolved within a couple of hours. As Nathan stated, this is a problem on their end, not yours. You can hope it gets resolved in a few hours.

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