Automatic branch merging for Bitbucket Cloud

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Maciej Kucharek
created an issue

Are there any plans on bringing Automatic branch merging feature that is available in Bitbucket Server to the cloud?

We've been thinking on migrating to Bitbucket Cloud but the lack of cascading merges is a bit of a showstopper for our gitflow-based workflow.

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  1. James Rickards

    Probably because you can achieve the same outcome with a little scripting in the CI tool of your choice. e.g. bamboo or bitbucket pipelines, or jenkins.

    Whilst I would like to see this as a feature (and hence voted), I don't see it being a blocker, and there are bigger issues I'd rather see tackled first. e.g. horrid performance of the new user interface.

  2. Kushank Jain

    This does not work for the problem here. I want to solve cascading merges, so if I have a hotfix for release 2.5, it should automatically create a PR or merge for my release 2.6, 2.7 etc.

    Any pointers to how I can achieve this?

  3. Ryan Sullivan

    +1 ...I use bitbucket at work and just moved a personal project to bitbucket cloud from github entirely because of the workflow/automerge feature. Lacking this feature, I am questioning my decision to move.

  4. Marcus Schumann

    So basically, this ticket is about (for example) merging hotfix/ branches to both the current release/ branches in addition to merging it to master branch so that subsequent release/ branches receives the same hotfix?

  5. James Rickards

    I came up with a workaround.

    Use a CI/CD tool (bamboo, jenkins, pipelines) to create a pull request to all open feature branches using bitbucket's REST api.

    Can be done with bash or powershell out of jenkins/bamboo/pipelines with a couple of hours of effort. It also gives more control to the owner of the feature branch to choose when to merge.

    Before you ask... I can't share the code as a client paid for it so it's their IP.

  6. Martin Jopson staff

    The team released branching model support and some additional functionality to improve default branch selection when creating branches or PRs when using the branching model, and improvements to the branch list page to select branch types. We'll also be improving branch permission support for branch types in the future.
    We understand that automatic branch merging is important for a number of you, but at this point there are no plans to implement the feature at this point.

    Kind regards,
    Bitbucket PM

  7. Murat Yakici

    I do not think this is such a good reply and communication with customers. Content wise there is absolutely no value in it. It is difficult to understand how this feature can be both considered important (as there is such a demand) and ignored at the same time. It will make a lot of software developers' lives easier and simple. It exists in the Server version of Bitbucket (which is a puzzle to me as to why there is such a feature disparity between two offerings from that regard).

  8. Jason Swenski

    Strong second the above comment especially considering this feature is available in Bitbucket Server (formally Stash). I understand why they're different. They're two codebases and essentially two separate product offerings. But, the lack of this feature causes me to question my decision to move my company to Bitbucket Cloud all the time as we use a GitFlow type workflow we lose lots of productivity having to go back and and merge hotfixes/stabilization into future development timelines. I suppose we could stitch some things together with hooks and what not but that's just sad.

  9. Yusel Hernandez

    Also second what Jason Swenski said above. This forces us to script this functionality or do it by hand every time. The fact that it's being overlooked makes it just a bit worse, in my opinion.

  10. Mariusz Polka

    Jason Swenski your argument regarding inability of moving from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Cloud is kind of pointless because you are still paying the same company for the service so they probably don't give a damn ;P

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