Customize build status source for project overview (to show deployment branches)

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Oscar Barrett created an issue

Currently you can see the latest pipeline status for the main branch on the project overview for a repo (

We're using tags for pipelines so nothing is ever shown here. It would be great if this could be customised to show either the latest build for the repo or a glob pattern.

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  1. Joshua Tjhin Account Deactivated

    Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for the feedback. Could you tell me a bit about your branching workflow and why you don't have a pipeline set up to run on branches?

  2. Oscar Barrett reporter

    We're using pipelines for deployment and each deployment requires a valid version tag. As BITBUCKET_TAG is not available on builds against branches we instead build off the tags.

    Our staging builds always use the format x.y.z-alpha.<revision #>, while production builds have the format x.y.z. Our pipeline is set to match on *.*.* and triggers a deployment script that decides what environment the build should use, based on the tag format.

    We're coming from a Jenkins workflow that uses branches to determine the build environment and either uses a manually provided tag or autotags the commit based on the newest version tag (e.g. increment patch version or revision).

  3. Matt Ryall

    We're working on some deployment workflows under #12844. Please follow that ticket for updates.

    It's a good suggestion to include this information on the project overview, which we'll consider as part of that work.

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