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Rhodri Pugh
created an issue


I know there are emails set up for when pipelines fail, but I'd also like to be able to receive emails when pipeline builds pass (primarily for the first build on a pull request, or the first passing build on a branch after a failure).

At the moment it's a pain always having to go back and keep checking the pipeline to find out when I can open/merge pull requests.


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  1. Joshua Tjhin
    • changed status to open

    Thanks for the feedback Rod. We'll be looking at improving notifications soon.

    Out of interest, do you use HipChat/Slack and if so, do you have notifications there?

  2. Rhodri Pugh reporter

    Hey - my company is using Slack, notifications there would be great too ofc (we already have webhooks set up for most other repository/PR events).

    Another feature that would be useful (and partially satisfy this use case) is the ability to mark a PR to auto-merge when all the merge conditions are satisfied (ie. when a PR has a passing build, X approvals, etc..).

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