Certain emojis are no longer working in Bitbucket Cloud

Issue #14436 resolved
Theodora Boudale
staff created an issue

Users have reported that emojis like :memo: (paper/docs emoji) and :hankey: (poop emoji) are no longer working in Bitbucket Cloud.

This is affecting teams that are using emojis in order to categorise commits.

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  1. Mark Adams staff

    If it's any consolation, Bitbucket actually gained 550+ emoji as a result of the change so there are even more emoji to enjoy now! As a workaround, 💩 (:poop:) should work for you. Sorry for the trouble!

  2. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi everyone,

    Given the low interest in this issue, I'm going to resolve this issue. Keep in mind that you can still use similar emojis, just with a slightly different name.


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