Recent Activity RSS feed removed?

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Robin Alkaas
created an issue

I've noticed 'recent activity' rss feed is no longer available on dashboard/team page. The list is present but rss feed has been removed. I use to be able to retrieve activity list through basic curl execution, however since rss feed is no longer present, it stopped working. I'm curious to find out if there is alternative to pull 'recent activity' list.

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  1. Toshi MARUYAMA


    Personal recent activity and feed are standard feature for collaborate tool. GitHub also provides these. I cannot understand why Bitbucket remove this standard feature.

  2. Robin Alkaas reporter

    You are correct, and I don't understand why they would remove it either. I did however see an add-on/plug-in for a fee that would do the same thing (i do not recall the name). However for now we can only hope they would restore the standard feature.

  3. Nikolay Turpitko

    Just realized that my RSS feeds stopped to work. I thought that may be tokens get outdated, but cannot find a way to refresh them. And there is no link to subscribe to the recent activities any more. It seems, that old URLs are working, but access tokens are outdated and cannot be refreshed.

    "You must have read access to access the RSS feed." - that's what I get trying to use my existing RSS URLs.

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