No trivial way to clear session when flasely started Google login with a wrong account

Issue #14460 resolved
Taro Kobayashi
created an issue

steps to reproduce:

  • Go login and choose Google login.
  • Sign in to Google Account with no bitbucket account associated.
  • Click login.
  • Click log in with Google.

Now we cannot choose the real account to log in with, since Google oauth step is arelady done with the previous falsely chosen account. Also we have no trivial way to clear session from GUI. (We can clear from dev tools, etc though.)

I hope there to be some sort of 'try with another social account button' in the page attached as a screenshot.

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  1. Taro Kobayashi reporter
    • changed status to open

    Yes, I admit that the login link get us back to where to start from.

    BUT when you want to restart the login step with different google account, you cannot start with the fresh environment. I mean, google oauth flow is already done with the previous google account.

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