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David Caldarelli
created an issue

please get someone to fix the "Paragraph" section of this page to teach your users the two-space requirement:

The above part is a bug (either in the documentation or in the implemenation, you choose - see Issue #7396 for reference), the below part is more of an enhancement request:

PS - it's also worth noting that bitbucket is kind enough to import a texty version of the changelogs into a Pull Request, which includes 4 spaces at the beginning of lines that fall under each commit. If there was any way bitbucket could automatically interpret these 4 spaces (which are always after a CR) as an instruction to display a CR on the pull request page, instead of removing the CR that is mid-paragraph, that would make it look awesome and be fully automatic.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi David,

    The documentation you referenced is for Bitbucket Server, the on-premise version of Bitbucket which is slightly different from Bitbucket Cloud ( Are you using that version? If so, we'll make sure to get that updated. If you're using Cloud (, the documentation is here which links to our Markdown demo.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the Cloud docs don't mention this either, so we'll have to get that updated! Thanks for the tip.

    Finally, regarding your "PS" - are you saying that multi-line commit messages are being collapsed into a single line when we auto-populate the PR description? Just want to make sure I understand the issue properly.

    Bitbucket PM

  2. David Caldarelli reporter

    Thanks for the response. I hadn't noticed there was a distinction between cloud and server. We use cloud. I had just googled the problem and ended up on that documentation page, and found the advice was wrong for me. Now that I know I was reading the wrong documentation, I still wonder if Server works the same way and could also use the documentation update anyway?

    Thanks for following up on the cloud documentation and offering to fix it there.

    For the PS - it was over a week ago, but yes, I think that's what I saw. Unfortunately I didn't choose Squash, and so what was displayed didn't go into the commit. I went to check the merged pull request and it looks fine, but I think I might have gone and put in all the CRs myself.

    It looks like this page uses markdown too, so I can do a little test. This line follows a line with just a CR after the period above it. (CR is ignored).
    This line follows a line with 2 spaces after the period, right before the CR. (CR is recognized) This line follows a line with just a CR after the period above it, but this line was indented 4 spaces (which has no effect, unfortunately)

    This line follows a blank line, which follows a line with just a CR after the period above it, and this line was indented 4 spaces.
  3. David Caldarelli reporter

    Hi Alastair,

    Where can I submit this issue:

    With Bitbucket cloud, when I type a bunch of stuff in a comment, on a pull-request (basically a code review), in some cases all my typing can be lost, just by clicking off that particular text entry area, or certainly by starting another comment somewhere else. In this most recent case I had even done a Preview and gone back to Editing.

    It would be great if the work that went into the comment can't be lost so easily. Either let them be deleted manually by pushing a delete button, or before they get automatically closed by clicking off somewhere else, give a pop-up or something which asks if we really want to lose unsaved changes in the comment we were already typing.

    Thanks, David

  4. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi David,

    The behavior you're describing sounds like a bug, but it would be good to get some more info to confirm. Would you mind sending more details (preferably a screencast, if you are able to reproduce this issue repeatedly!) to so we can investigate your case personally? Thanks.


  5. David Caldarelli reporter

    I reproduced it with the simplest case - beginning to type one comment, not submitting it, but then starting to type another comment. I would call this a bug, whether by design or not.

    See screenshots S1, S2, S3. The text in the comment describes for you what I was doing, and note the mouse location for the area I was going to click next. (it wasn't exact btw S1 and S2)

    The final case described in S3 was fine, I didn't lose what I had typed just by clicking around the screen or the ...

    Using Chrome Version 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Thanks David

  6. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Sorry, it looks like your screenshots didn't attach. I'm not able to reproduce this, but I believe you - so if you could re-upload them that'd be great.

    Hang on... I've found a case where if you write a comment, click preview, then go to comment on a different line, the comment "moves" - but if you click edit again, the contents disappear. Is that what you mean?

  7. David Caldarelli reporter

    Sorry, I had attached them by email, not realizing our email thread was just an alternate interface to this issue tracking system. I guess it doesn't auto-attach attachments from reply emails into the Issue. Here they are.

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