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nights E
created an issue

i have a private repository:
even after cleaning up, bitbucket repo size says 2.5gb, while its in fact closer to 500mb.
could you have a look at this? i'm not able to push because of this issue.

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  1. nights E reporter

    I'm still experiencing the same issue. Why should i place a new ticket with the same request? Could you actually have a look at this? Not to apply pressure, but just staying facts that this is a show stopper, if this cant be resolved i will need to move all our repositories (about 24 over two accounts) including the paid subscription from Bitbucket to another git repo service.

  2. nights E reporter

    Seems to be working now. Thank you!

    I hope you guys come up with a better way to let users run GC on their own
    repos, it's easy to get stuck at >2gb otherwise with all trash git


  3. nights E reporter

    Hm, false alarm. Still doesnt work. This is very frustrating. I have waited
    10 days now. I will wait one more day and then i'm done with Bitbucket

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